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Here is a video on Landed Costs in SAP Business One.  The Landed Cost document allows you to associate shipping and freight costs with the cost of an item upon receipt into inventory. The Landed Cost document in SAP Business One is a straightforward and efficient way of allocating costs, especially for those small and mid-size companies still forced to do it in Excel. While this primarily applies to companies that import goods from overseas, landed costs can be used to allocate freight cost for any transaction. Check back soon for another post on allocating freight costs in a more simplified approach. Click Read More to watch this video in Full HD   read more ... (more)

SAP Business One on a Mac

I received a request to start a discussion about running SAP Business One on a Mac. Quite serendipitous, given that I use Business One every day on my Mac G5 with a 27" Cinema Display. It's okay to be jealous, I'm used to it. Needless to say, it is awesome. Orchestra even customizes the SAP B1 icon to be a Mac icon for B1. It bounces in the dock when launched and everything. How pretty. Click Read More to read the rest of the post... ... (more)

Mobile Middleware for Instant Value or Mobile Micro-Apps

Mobile middleware is more than synchronizing databases and providing basic application integration. It needs to include support for business process extensions, and it must provide a set of features and functions that support lightweight, "Instant Value" or "Mobile Micro-Apps" smartphone applications. There are many features and functions that are needed by mobile workers that are not easily supported by smartphone operating systems like iPhone or BlackBerry. Often the data set is large and the software application is an ERP.  The mobile user does not need access to the full ERP or the full data set, just a subset.  In these cases it would be useful to have a mobile middleware layer that recognizes the needs of the mobile user and provides an optimized mobile application with functionality that supports either browser based or mobile micro-apps. It seems there is ... (more)

Sybase 365 Survey: Consumers to Put Money Where Their Mobile Devices Are

New momentum can be seen in the latest usage trends highlighted by the survey, according to Beard. According to the survey, 22% of respondents are already using their mobile devices to conduct research or compare prices when shopping. Seventeen percent of respondents have used their mobile devices for banking-related purposes, while 14% have accepted coupons or alerts on deals.  Conditions are ripe for the mobile economy to play a bigger role than ever this holiday season, according to a national survey conducted by Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., the global leader in mobile messaging and mobile commerce services. The survey of 1,000 consumers found that one out of three respondents who are willing and able to do so with their current devices would purchase goods or services this holiday season using their device if they were presented with mobile-based... (more)

SAP Business One on a Mac

So you want to run SAP Business One on a Mac? There are several ways you can do this, but first, it makes sense to think about the user experience you're going for. Do you want it to run in a separate window? Do you want users to have to manually start a separate set of proceses to get it to function? Do you only want to publish it to a few desktops, or do you want it to be portable? Orchestra decided that to have a truely exceptional user experience running SAP Business One on anything but a Windows PC, you have to consider the following: A seamless experience that allows users to launch from a desktop icon, view the application in full color and in high quality, and allow them to resize and reshape the application without having to worry about a separate window. The application has to appear to be running locally in nearly every sense. No complex connection or ... (more)

SAP Makes Decisive Move in EDI

SAP Session at Cloud Expo It is not every day that BIG news comes out of the world of EDI and B2B. I think GXS acquiring Inovis was BIG and Tibco acquiring Foresight was interesting, but today SAP and Crossgate announced that SAP will be reselling and private labeling Crossgate's EDI, B2B and e-Invoicing services. In the world of SAP this is huge! Some of you may know that SAP is already a co-owner of Crossgate, and that Crossgate's EDI/B2B exchange is tightly integrated with SAP, but it was always sold as a separate service on Crossgate's paper. Now SAP's field sales teams can sell it directly from SAP's price list. Register Today and Save $550 ! Explore Sponsorship Opportunities ! I have a lot of experience working with SAP's sales teams and can tell you that making it to the SAP price list makes a BIG difference. The solution will be called the SAP Information Int... (more)

AppZero and OpSource Partner

Server application virtualization pioneer AppZero and OpSource, a provider of enterprise cloud and managed hosting, on Wednesday announced a partnership that will make it easy for enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs) to move their server-based Microsoft and SAP applications from the datacenter to the OpSource Cloud, a cloud service for companies requiring pay-as-you-go flexibility and 100% availability as well as high security and control. "Our customers have been asking for a simple way to move Microsoft and SAP applications to the cloud quickly and cost-effectively, and we're pleased to team with AppZero to bring them the best solution possible," said Keao Caindec, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, OpSource. "This partnership is an example of the powerful technology that can be built by taking an ecosystem approach to cloud-building." The OpSource ... (more)

Mobile Enterprise Users Need Simplicity

SAP has a section of their SDN/SCN portal for enterprise mobility.  On this site they have a diagram depicting an end-to-end mobile solution.  This diagram does a good job of causing fear in just about everyone.  The diagram shows a deep stack of technology components, each with their own complex technical design and functionality.  I can just imagine an enterprise IT team gasping in distress at this diagram.  However, understanding how everything in your car works is not necessary in order to drive it. Let me give you an example.  ClickSoftware is an SAP mobility partner and the developer of a host of workforce automation and service chain optimization applications.  They have already mobilized field services applications and implemented them with SAP.  It is now available out-of-the-box.  The complexity of the implementation has largely been removed. If the back... (more)

Jump-Start, Re-Start the PowerBuilder Ecosystem

One of the indicators that cause a technology to be categorized as legacy is the inability to find a ready supply of trained professionals to work with it. From the organizational viewpoint, a lack of HR supply increases software risk, decreases an organization's ability to make changes to the system and positions the system as a candidate for migration to another platform.  A recent CNN Money report titled "Why You Can't Find a Job" points out that "The ... issue is mismatch. Firms have jobs, but can't find appropriate workers. The workers want to work, but can't find appropriate jobs"  Why?  Because "of so-called structural unemployment -- a serious imbalance in labor markets that has left a large pool of unemployed workers in the wrong place, or with the wrong skills, to take advantage of job opportunities. The kinds of skills [the unemployed have] and the locat... (more)

Judge Blocks Oracle’s Appeal in SAP Case

Oracle can't appeal the judge's decision to cut the $1.3 billion jury award in its suit against SAP to a mere $272 million unless it rejects the $272 million, the judge told Oracle last Friday. Oracle is trying to avoid the other option the judge gave it, which is a new trial. If Oracle rejects the $272 million, there would be a new trial and then it could appeal the judge's decision. The judge contends Oracle only proved actual damages of $272 million when SAP's now defunct TomorrowNow third-party maintenance subsidiary illegally downloaded reams of Oracle software. Reuters, which reported the decision, said the order did not indicate if Oracle could accept the $272 million and then appeal, but an IP lawyer the wire service talked to said probably not. If SAP appealed to the size of the judge's award Oracle might be able to try for the $1.3 billion. ... (more)

Come on in, the Forums Are Fine…

What forums you may ask; the Sybase NNTP forums? No, those are going away. Not on the schedule that was originally proposed (December 1 of 2012), but they will go away soon. Replacing them are the online discussion forums in the PowerBuilder Development Center (PDC), part of the SAP Community Network (SCN). Never fear though, the information on the Sybase NNTP forums aren't going away; a searchable archive of the messages will be available. If you've been using PowerBuilder for a long period of time, then you'll know we've gone through a similar transition before. We started in one section of a Windows Developers section in CompuServe. In 1993, PowerSoft was moved to their own separate section in CompuServe for support of all their products. By 1997 though, the Internet had come of age and the decision was made to officially move the forums from CompuServe onto a Syb... (more)